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About the bible course on God-Powered Author

If you want to become more profitable, fruitful, and effective with your books, book business, publishing business, and book ministry, then you need to enroll in this program today.

In order to really achieve God’s desire for yourself and your books, you need to be empowered – you need power. A God-driven or power-driven author or publisher will always produce books and information products that will add value to the people or solve their problems.

A God-powered author will carry out his or her book writing and publishing activities with the fear of God and therefore satisfies God’s purpose for his or her life.

In this amazing training course, you will learn:

  • The reasons why you need power to be more effective in your book ministry
  • The wisdom angle to this important power
  • The factor of the Holy Spirit in empowering you as an author or publisher
  • How to write books and produce information products that solve practical problems of the people and the society
  • The relevance of prayer to your quest to write effective books
  • And more…

In addition to this, you will learn the vocational skill of how to publish your ebooks internationally through Amazon.

Register for this bible course today 


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