Bible School course to stop violent anger

how to stop violent anger
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This online Bible School course to stop violent anger will be of tremendous use to you. I want you to read more information about it below.


Bible School course to stop violent anger

Some years ago, I wrote a book and also did an online course to share my experience on how God helped me to stop violent anger.

It was indeed God’s supernatural help that I received to overcome this problem. I discovered relevant truths from the Bible. I prayed and put my faith on the line to get the needed victory over violent anger.

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How God helped me against violent anger

God helped me to win the battle over violent anger and also to learn how to enjoy my marriage at the early stage of getting married.

My book, How I Overcame Violent Anger and 6 Mistakes I made as a husband has helped others and they will surely help you too.

Really, I’m of the school of thought that believes hot anger must not be tolerated by Christians and even anyone. Violent anger is a destroyer of good things.

if you are the type who don’t agree with this, then you need to read my interesting experience with violent anger.

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