Are there any free online Bible school in Nigeria?

Are there free online Bible school in Nigeria? I am using this post to give you an accurate answer to this question.

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What are online Bible schools?

Online Bible schools are Bible training institutes where God’s Word is used to train Bible students for:

  • Mission works
  • Work of ministry
  • Christian living
  • Effective faith walk with God


Are there any free online Bible school in Nigeria for Christians?

There are free online Bible schools in Nigeria for Christians and for anyone who so desire to learn and be trained in the ways of God.

Years back, many Bible schools or Bible training colleges only have their bible classes offline. Classes are administered offline inside physical classrooms.

However, today as a result of the advancement in technology, we now have online Bible colleges where students can register and take free online Christian courses from the comfort of their rooms.


The Book Academy: A free Online Bible School

The Book Academy is a free online Bible School in Nigeria. You are presently browsing through the blog section of The Book Academy online Bible School portal.

The Book Academy is another online teaching platform of The Gate of Zion Mission Centre. One of the other teaching is where we teach Christian personal development.

This online Bible College was established to give Bible students the opportunity to learn and be trained online or off campus. This free online Bible School also administers unique online Bible courses that are completely different from the common courses in most Bible Schools.

The reason for this is to allow Bible students have the opportunity of taking short and very impactful Bible courses that cuts across almost every aspect of Christianity.

So this idea is not just for students who wants to be trained to work inside the church or as pastors. Students will be able to get trained to live meaningful and successful lives in their homes and outside the church.

To see the Bible courses of The Book Academy, please check them out here.

Dunamis bible school Abuja

This is a short profile about Dunamis bible school Abuja. It’s one of the bible colleges with a branch in Nigeria. We believe you will love this profile of this highly impactful bible institute in Nigeria.

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About Dunamis bible school

Dunamis Bible Institute is a Bible seminary established by African Mission Evangelism Inc. in Tamale, with the aim of training Pastors, evnagelst etc. for ministry work.


How do I apply for Dunamis bible school

You can. Apply for Dunamis bible school by visiting their website to submit application. This bible college has a variety of bible courses that can enhance your spiritual walk and faith.

This bible institute has helped lots of people..You can become one of the students and begin a journey that will help you tobe more fruitful and productive as a Christian.

Please visit the website of this bible College today to commence registeration for any of their online bible courses.


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The Miraculous (How to make miracles through faith in God)

This online bible school in Nigeria is happy to offer you this Christian online course on the topic of faith. Please find below to see the details of the course. We want you to refer your friends to one of the best bible schools in Nigeria. Enjoy the course.

Details of the online course on faith

Are you struggling to overcome a problem or a challenge in your life, business, or marriage? Do you want simple-to-understand and easy-to-apply descriptions or explanations of the Christian faith that will help you solve those nagging problems in your life, business, or marriage?

If those questions apply to you, then this course, ‘The Miraculous: Principles of Christian Faith Manifestation: How to make miracles through faith’ is just the right one for you.

My first course on this topic, The Christian Faith Principles, has over 1600 students and 4.41 positive reviews. This course builds on this positive outcome and a more comprehensive and more easy-to-use-and-understand course has been produced.

The lectures are short and straight-to-the-point. You will be able to go through all the lectures and the quizzes under 90 minutes. The questions under the quizzes are designed to strengthen your comprehension of each of the lectures.

This is about the most comprehensive and the most practical online course on the Christian faith. You need to enroll today to find out and see the quality of this course.

You will learn the following under this online faith course:

  • Practical definitions of the Christian faith
  • How to get results with your faith
  • How to practically represent faith to get a miracle
  • The three important foundations for the Christian faith
  • How to overcome demonic resistance to your faith
  • How to apply faith in your marriage, family, work or business
  • The working relationship between faith and grace
  • Pictorial representation of faith to get results
  • How to apply faith to get answers to prayers

If you want to start walking by faith effectively to start making your own miracles, you should enroll in this course today.

Register free for this Bible online course today 

Strategies to Develop Skills of Solving Problems

Let me hold you by the hand to show you simple strategies that can help you develop the skills of solving problems in your life and business

This Christian online course will teach you creative problem-solving skills. Developing skills for solving problems is a vocation everyone must learn and embrace.

You should understand that riches and wealth flow ceaselessly in the direction of those who have mastered the skills of solving problems.

Wealthy individuals and multinational organizations have mastered these skills and have built empires that have added immeasurable wealth to them on a consistent basis.

It is your turn to learn this process and set yourself up for a lifetime of attracting wealth and fame to yourself solving problems in your vocation or businesses.

This Bible training course will expose you to how God designed you as a problem solver. It will show you how to monetize your problem-solving activities to create good and godly wealth for yourself.

Join me in the classroom.

Register free for this Bible online course today 

Christian Business School

The Christian Business School curriculum is the best for you if you want to learn the scriptural principles and secrets that can help you to start running businesses according to the rules and regulations of God.

The Bible courses in this curriculum were developed after many years of prayer and deep investigation into the Word of God to know His mind about faith-based businesses and kingdom wealth.

These video lectures will help you to:

  • Understand the will of God about entrepreneurial activities
  • Understand how God wants you to run your business
  • Under how to enjoy God’s divine backing and support for your business
  • Understand what you’re expected to do with the profit from your business
  • Gain complete of the spiritual environment in your industry or marketplace
  • Understand how to bear your Brain Children
  • Understand how to run profitable businesses and still be at peace with God
  • Understand how to use your business to promote the kingdom of God
  • Learn from success principles used by both bible-days and post-bible-days entrepreneurs
  • Understand how to crush obstacles in your business

And more.

We have administered these courses in the Christian Business School curriculum at our different Visionary Business Project online training programs. We have put it together for you to enjoy as a Bible school curriculum.

We will be updating the courses in the Christian Business School curriculum as they are available.

Please register now to gain free access 


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