God-Powered Author

About the bible course on God-Powered Author

If you want to become more profitable, fruitful, and effective with your books, book business, publishing business, and book ministry, then you need to enroll in this program today.

In order to really achieve God’s desire for yourself and your books, you need to be empowered – you need power. A God-driven or power-driven author or publisher will always produce books and information products that will add value to the people or solve their problems.

A God-powered author will carry out his or her book writing and publishing activities with the fear of God and therefore satisfies God’s purpose for his or her life.

In this amazing training course, you will learn:

  • The reasons why you need power to be more effective in your book ministry
  • The wisdom angle to this important power
  • The factor of the Holy Spirit in empowering you as an author or publisher
  • How to write books and produce information products that solve practical problems of the people and the society
  • The relevance of prayer to your quest to write effective books
  • And more…

In addition to this, you will learn the vocational skill of how to publish your ebooks internationally through Amazon.

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Christian Business Launch Strategies

About Christian Business Launch Strategies

This training will expose you to simple, practical, and biblical principles you can use to start and execute your business ideas.

Are you a Christian and you have struggled to launch your cherished business idea which you have kept in your heart for many years now?

If you are one, this simple, short online training will be of great help to you. Read what a user of the ebook guide wrote on Amazon: “This short e-book was exactly what I was looking for to help start small businesses in Haiti. The concepts work in any culture and the Scripture references confirm the points are right on track.”

After I finished a wealth-creation book in my country, I took the decision to include a short survey on the first page of the book and the question below was one of the questions I asked in the survey.

“Write in three words a problem that has proven very difficult for you to solve in the past four years.”

Well, entries came in as people bought and read the book. I discovered that over 95% of the problems readers of the book mentioned they had found difficult to solve in the past four years was, ‘having no capital to start their businesses.’ In my private discussions with Christians who desire to start a business, this same topic has dominated the discussions.

I know money resources are necessary to launch a business idea but I also know, from personal experience and from the experiences of people I have investigated over the years, that lack of or the unavailability of capital or money should not stop anyone from launching a business idea.

Many successful business people today have launched their business ideas without having the required capital to start them when they started. They started and have built these businesses to become profitable ventures today.

  1. This online bible training course will discuss simple, usable, and effective strategies that you can always use to start a business idea no matter how big it looks.
  2. This training will also help you to correct the wrong-held belief that you cannot start executing a business idea without money.
  3. 1 will be using the early part of the training to correct this wrong mentality because I know how important having the right mentality is to your ability to embrace the simple but workable strategies that I am going to share during this training program.

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Developing the Skills of Solving Problems

About the Course on Developing the Skills of Solving Problems

Let me hold you by the hand to show you simple strategies that can help you develop the skills of solving problems in your life and business

This online course will teach you creative problem-solving skills. Developing skills for solving problems is a vocation everyone must learn and embrace.

You should understand that riches and wealth flow ceaselessly in the direction of those who have mastered the skills of solving problems.

Wealthy individuals and multinational organizations have mastered these skills and have built empires that have added immeasurable wealth to them on a consistent basis.

It is your turn to learn this process and set yourself up for a lifetime of attracting wealth and fame to yourself solving problems in your vocation or businesses.

This training will expose you to how God designed you as a problem solver. It will show you how to monetize your problem-solving activities to create good and godly wealth for yourself.

Join me in the classroom.

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Christian Author Initiative (an online course for Authors and Publishers)

About the Course

You are welcome to this Christian Author Initiative course where we expose online Publishing Platforms where Christian authors can publish their books and distribute them widely.

In our organization, we have reached out to thousands of people around the world with the message of our ministry and with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

You can do the same. The Christian Author Initiative is designed to help you as a Christian author or publisher.

Enjoy this course where we expose the online publishing platforms that can help you in this regard.

Please register free to enjoy the course or scroll down to the bottom to start the first lecture.

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How to handle money

About this course on How to handle money

Money is good. It’s only the love of money that is the root of all evil. Money will always hold a prime place in our lives and even in the body of Christ. Most Christians have not allowed God and His will to help them handle Issues around money effectively. This has come with lots of consequences.

Money is good and it’s very good for everyone including Christians. Come to think of it, you will need money to buy the good things that are necessary for your survival in life.

Since money is a means of exchange for goods and services, it will always be relevant and useful. Some rigid Christians should understand this truth. There is no marketplace in every country that has been created for Christians alone where they can pick up goods and services without paying cash.

I am using this online course to show you how you can begin to relate with money effectively and still maintain your cordial relationship with God.

I want you to look at these scenarios:

1. Mr. A became rich on the earth but ended up not making heaven – he went to hell.

2. Mr. B was poor on the earth but ended up making heaven.

3. Mr. C was rich on the earth and ended up making heaven.

Now, I want you to be sincere with your choice. Which of the three examples would you love to emulate and be like?

Well, your guess are as good as mine – Mr. C

Mr. A was foolish – He did not know God but followed the right principles to become rich. He handled money carelessly and foolishly and reaped the consequences.

Mr. B was not foolish because he knew and hallowed God and made heaven but he could not handle money wisely and was poor all through his life.

Mr. C loved God, used the right principles and strategies to handle money effectively, and made heaven.

What Mr. C did to record his outstanding achievements are within your reach. Please join us at this free event.

You will learn Godly and very practical principles and strategies that will help you to handle money the way it should.

I want you to note that this event is not teaching you how to make money but how to handle money. Handling money is more difficult than making money!

Become one of the students to register for this online course on how to handle money.

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