[Video] Multiplying Resources the Jesus way

Multiplying Resources the same way Jesus multiplied resources is the theme of this Christian faith video. It’s one of the teachings at the Visionary Business Project.

It’s now on YouTube. Learn the principles to move from point A to point B and to the last stage of an idea or a project. Watch how to multiply resources now.




How to become an abiding Christian entrepreneur or employee (Visionary Business Project short video)

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Please watch this interesting video from the President of The Book Academy. He says:

“Jesus stated it very clearly that we have to abide in Him if we have to bear much fruits. If you run businesses or you are a Christian employee, you must also learn to abide in Christ if you want to be successful. Learn from this video what you need to be an abiding entrepreneur or Christian employee.”

How to win the war in your mind| Bishop David Oyedepo

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Now you can watch this Christian video by Bishop David Oyedepo.

The #mind‚Äč of a believer is a Continuous battleground. Learn how to remain victorious in your mind”


Becoming a Person of Influence Pastor Sam Adeyemi

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In the meantime, we want you to watch this Christian video by Pastor Sam Adeyemi of Success Power. He says:

“Maximizing your Influence series with Pastor Sam Adeyemi is life-changing teaching with practical wisdom for leadership. In this series you will discover: Why influence is key to leadership How to influence people and lead them the right way Building your leadership skills to improve team productivity How to become a change agent and more…


Getting Good ADVICE with Sam Adeyemi

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You need to watch this interesting Christian video by Pastor Sam Adeyemi on Getting good advice.