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Gain Free Access to Our Premium Ebooks and Online Courses Our problem-solving ebooks and online courses have helped lots of people solved their problems in the past 10 years. Now you have an opportunity to gain access to some of these premium products at no cost to you. A lot of these have interesting reviews […]

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Developing Skills of Solving Problems

Let me hold you by the hand to show you simple strategies that can help you develop the skills of solving problems in your life and business Direction to JOin the Class Register free for the course by clicking ‘Login to Enroll’. Scroll to the bottom of the page to click ‘Register for an Account’ […]

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Christian Business Launch Strategies

Direction to Join the Training Class Register free for the course by clicking ‘Login to Enroll’. Scroll to the bottom of the page to click ‘Register for an Account’ Confirm your registration in your email. Then log into your account Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on lecture one to start […]

Christian ebooks

The God-Powered Author

Thank you for interest in this course. Please read the description of the training below and then click on ‘Login to Enroll’ to register free. I want to read from you. You can find details of the bonuses during the course of the training. Description of the training If you want to become more profitable, […]

Anger Management for Christians (How to handle anger in a godly way)

Getting violently angry has always been part of me and I was really not doing anything about it until I got married. My angry reactions to issues sometimes become extremely violent and after displaying the act for a few minutes, I usually began to wonder what got over me, and most times I don’t always […]

Christian Business Idea Execution Strategies

You’ve got a business vision to run with right? I share in your excitement. But do you know that 90% of business visions don’t come to the fulfillment stage! I believe that was a tough one. But it’s actually the simple truth. A lot of things go into the fulfillment of visions and most times […]

Book Formatting Course for Online Publishing

Are you an Amazon or Smashwords author? Or do you self-publish your books on the various e-publishing platforms online? If you do, then you need to learn how to format your book manuscripts properly before you submit your books to these publishing platforms. A well-formatted book will give a good experience to readers and they […]

Christian Faith Principles

This Christian Faith Principles course is filled with lots of practical stories and illustrations. It is also filled with lots of Christian principles of faith that can help you to start walking effectively by your faith in God. It is short but contains powerful principles that can help your Christian faith. Events in our world […]

The Miraculous (Principles of Christian Faith Manifestation: How to make miracles through faith)

This online bible school in Nigeria is happy to offer you this Christian online course on the topic of faith. Please find below to see the details of the course. We want you to refer your friends to one of the best bible schools in Nigeria. Enjoy the course. Details of the online course on […]