Animated Christian films

We started producing animated Christian films or Christian films as animated cartoons and we want to let you know about it.

We have set out in our organization to use every available information products format to present the message of the gospel to the world. So animated Christian films is the latest format that we have launched.

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What are animated Christian films?

Animated Christian films are gospel films presented in the form of animated cartoons. It is a video but the characters in the video or films are cartoons.

This is another great way to share the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


How to watch our animated Christian films

You can watch any edition of these christian film by subscribing to our YouTube channel. When you click the notification bell, you will receive notification whenever we have a new animated Christian film for you.


Watch the latest animated Christian movie

I want you to watch the latest animated Christian movie from our stable, Zion Box Films below: