Christian Business School

The Christian Business School curriculum is the best for you if you want to learn the scriptural principles and secrets that can help you to start running businesses according to the rules and regulations of God.

The Bible courses in this curriculum were developed after many years of prayer and deep investigation into the Word of God to know His mind about faith-based businesses and kingdom wealth.

These video lectures will help you to:

  • Understand the will of God about entrepreneurial activities
  • Understand how God wants you to run your business
  • Under how to enjoy God’s divine backing and support for your business
  • Understand what you’re expected to do with the profit from your business
  • Gain complete of the spiritual environment in your industry or marketplace
  • Understand how to bear your Brain Children
  • Understand how to run profitable businesses and still be at peace with God
  • Understand how to use your business to promote the kingdom of God
  • Learn from success principles used by both bible-days and post-bible-days entrepreneurs
  • Understand how to crush obstacles in your business

And more.

We have administered these courses in the Christian Business School curriculum at our different Visionary Business Project online training programs. We have put it together for you to enjoy as a Bible school curriculum.

We will be updating the courses in the Christian Business School curriculum as they are available.

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