Online Course on the Grace of God

This is a new online course on the grace of God. We just sent out a new product announcement today on the new home study course on the grace of God.

This new Christian online course will greatly help you to understand what the grace of God is all about and you can use it practically in your life, family, business, profession, career or ministry.

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Online Course on the grace of God: All you need to know

Please find more information about this new online course on the grace of God below as reflected in the announcement we sent out today.


New Christian course announcement


Gospel of the Grace of God is the new online course that I am being helped to put together by God’s Spirit.

Just like my other online courses, this will be very practical and simple-to -understand. Inspired and practical illustrations will be used all through the lectures

If you want to know the spiritual meaning of God’s grace and how to attract the grace of God into your life, you will need to learn from this home study course when it’s finally published.

If you want to know how God’s grace can help you to deal with practical issues in your life, family business, profession, career or ministry, then you will need to study from this soon-to-be released online course.

If you want to be informed when it’s finally released and to enjoy 50% discounts, please reply this email or send an email to or send a Whatsapp message to 08034300979.

Update: The Gospel of the Grace of God course is now live. Please register for the course here 


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