5 Benefits of Bible Schools

These 5 benefits of Bible Schools will show you why you need to consider attending and learning from a Bible School where the Word of God is taught in truth.

I have attended some Bible Schools in my country and I have been extremely blessed by the knowledge and experience I took away from these Bible Colleges. This has greatly helped what we are doing st our Christian personal development platform.

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What are Bible Schools?

Bible Schools are Christian Schools or colleges where students are giving thorough and complete trainings and education in the Word of God and the kingdom of God.

Bible Colleges differ in their mode of operations from the normal church settings. This is the reasons why most churches have in place, a separate Bible School platform for both members and non-members of their churches.


5 benefits of Bible Schools to you

The following are the 5 benefits of Bible Schools to you:

You get complete Bible School trainings

In a Bible School, you get a complete training on a specific topic or theme. Unlike what you get at the normal church services where you only have the opportunity to be taught in bits of pieces about the different topics.


You get a deeper insight into the Word of God

In a Bible School, you will be able to get a deeper insight into the Word of God. The curriculum is designed to teach you deeper things about the Word of God compared to the teachings you get in the normal church settings.

You get trained and armed

Just like the case of Abraham as told in the book of Genesis 14:14, when it was time to launch out into war to rescue Lot and his family from their captors, he armed the trained servants in his household to undertake the task.
These servants were already trained. So when it was time for war, he only needed to arm them for the battle.

In a Bible School, you get the opportunity to be trained. When it is time for any challenge, battle or task, God can easily arm you for the task.


You will meet your teachers in real time

In a Bible School, you will have the opportunity to meet your teachers in real time. Probably, you have always watched these teachers on the pulpit or from afar during church services. You will be able to meet them on a one-on-one basis during your Bible School trainings.

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Apart from having them teach you online directly, you will be able to contact them to ask questions or make further inquiries through a dedicated email and Whatsapp contact information that will be supplied to you.

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You will receive a certificate of completion

Last but definitely not the least, you will be issued a certificate of completion after you are done with any of the courses in a Bible School.

This certificate can be useful in many ways. You can always attach it to your CV whenever you want to apply for a job or any project in a Christian based organization.

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